Bibendum joins Bottlebooks community

We are thrilled that Bibendum and its associated companies PLB and Walker & Wodehouse have joined the Bottlebooks community and will use it with all their producers. Bibendum is one of the leading UK wine importers, supplying 4000 restaurants, pubs, and hotels.

Andrew Shaw, Buying Director for Bibendum, PLB and Walker & Wodehouse: “We’re looking forward to developing our partnership with Bottlebooks to contribute to an industry standard for wine data exchange. Bottlebooks will drive data quality across all our teams, ultimately helping our customers be even more successful selling our products.”


Selling wine in the UK just got easier
Bibendum, PLB, and Walker & Wodehouse join the growing group of UK wine businesses providing their producers a standard way to provide product information to the UK market.

For producers, whether you are exhibiting at the London Wine Fair, have another importer, or simply want to share your information in a professional format, you can do that with Bottlebooks. When you register your wines on Bottlebooks, you make it easy for your partners to download technical sheets, images, and extended product information in a standard format.

The growing number of businesses connected via Bottlebooks means fewer tedious forms to complete for your UK partners.

Bottlebooks Q&A at International Cool Climate Wine Symposium 2016 in Brighton, UK

Bottlebooks’ Jonathan Harclerode joined a panel with Blacksquare’s Matthew Protti and Big Pinots’ David Lowe to discuss how technology trends impact wine marketing with Dr. Damien Wilson of Sonoma State University.

David Lowe focused on the importance of first confirming market demand for your product, and then proceeding in an iterative fashion, incorporating customer feedback from each successive version.

Jonathan Harclerode discussed how Bottlebooks uses an iterative approach to build Bottlebooks together with its customers. He also pointed out the recently announced partnership with Matthew Protti’s Global Wine Database project to enable wine businesses to seamlessly move their wine information between their systems.  Read the Press Release

Matthew Protti discussed how recurring eCommerce strategies can bring economies of scale to online wine sales, and that generic eCommerce platforms often come up short when meeting the needs of the wine industry.

Here are some of the top Q&A from the session:

Q: How will you persuade the thousands of time-stretched paper-buried producers to provide this info for the database?

A: We work directly with leading importers and event organizers to make their next information request with Bottlebooks instead of a custom Excel template, so there is no additional effort for producers. Producers can also take advantage of other features such as PDF information sheet printing, microsite creation tools, and even hosting their own tastings using Bottlebooks.


Q: Is the initial outlay to start using Bottlebooks prohibitive for small businesses?

A: No, Bottlebooks costs only €9/$9/£7 per month. We are committed to making Bottlebooks a universal tool for the wine trade, accessible to all businesses from small boutiques run by husband and wife teams to multinationals.


Q: Will Bottlebooks integrate with the hundreds of wine apps and websites? It is impossible for a wine producer to keep up and identify future winners early on.

A: Indeed! Yes, it is free for app developers and websites to request your information with Bottlebooks – same as for any other partner. We in discussions with a number of household names and more to follow.


Q: How do you arrive at $3.5 million annual cost to the wine industry for data?

A: Our baseline figure is that the industry spends around 5% of its $70 billion annual revenues on data. This is based on a few data points:

  • Dr. Damien Wilson did a survey of how much other data-intensive industries spend on information. Data costs for Obamacare, for example are estimated at 1-6%.
  • Producers we have spoken to with international distribution easily fill out more than 200 information requests per year.
  • Importers we have met with has confirmed that wine data is an issue for them, and many are making investments at the moment to address it. This confirms they believe the efficiency of collecting wine information has a material impact on their business.


Q: How does Bottlebooks accommodate varying formats on requests for information from, say, restaurants, events planners, etc.?

A: Bottlebooks collects information in a standard format so each business can use just the information it needs. Currently Bottlebooks can capture more than 160 pieces of information about each wine, and the next version will enable businesses to create custom request forms.


Q: Is calorie content a data point you’re collecting?

A: At the moment, no. However, we are following the development of pending EU regulations on this topic closely. We also add additional data points when wine businesses request them.

Global Wine Database announces data partnership with Bottlebooks



Unified data strategy a first in the wine industry and provides a global footprint

Calgary, Canada & Munich, Germany – May 25, 2016:  Global Wine Database and Bottlebooks are excited to announce a data partnership which will revolutionize the way that wine data is stored, transmitted and used electronically. This partnership is part of a broader global effort to ensure that wine businesses can freely move their wine information between professional wine data management systems.

Potential users of this new data standard include: producers, retailers, industry associations, trade groups, industry conferences & events, B2C and B2B technology applications, regulators, writers/reviewers and the general public.

Global Wine Database (GWDB) is a product of wine technology company BlackSquare Inc. and is a centralized, verified data source for producers to input data for use in third party applications all over the world. GWDB allows producers control over their data to ensure that consumers, trade and industry only use the most accurate and highest quality wine data. GWDB was piloted by the Canadian Vintners Association in 2015 with the launch of, a data source for all Canadian wine producers and the GWDB open API will launch later in 2016.

Bottlebooks enables wine businesses to easily exchange and use professional wine data. It is an integrated web-based software platform with tools tailored to the needs of each business type including producers, importers, retailers, associations, event organizers, and other software companies.

“We are extremely excited to partner with Bottlebooks on developing this new data standard,” said Matthew Protti, BlackSquare’s CEO and Co-Founder.  “Global Wine Database is excited to integrate with Bottlebooks to enable producers to use their wine information across both platforms. Having a standard way to transmit trade-related wine information is a significant step forward for the wine industry.”

“Digital innovations in the wine sector require high quality, reliable wine information,” said Bottlebook’s Co-Founder and CEO, Jonathan Harclerode.  “BlackSquare provides a unique service to its customers, supporting them through the entire value chain including direct to consumer ecommerce, marketing, and distribution of their wine information with GWDB. This data partnership is important because it helps avoid fragmentation of data within the wine industry, and provides wine businesses access to an even greater range of digital services. “

Matthew Protti and Jonathan Harclerode will both be sitting on a panel speaking on “New technological trends that impact the marketing of wine” at the 9th International Cool Climate Wine Symposium taking place from 26 – 28 May, 2016.

About the partners:

Bottlebooks connects wine businesses to exchange and use professional wine information. Businesses can share more than 160 pieces of information about their wines in a standard format. More than 3000 businesses from 48 countries use Bottlebooks to exchange wine information with their business partners. Bottlebooks is based in Munich, Germany.

Global Wine Database is a product of BlackSquare Inc. Global Wine Database is a central database for wine information, controlled by producers and made available for wine trade, apps and