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We are thrilled that Bibendum and its associated companies PLB and Walker & Wodehouse have joined the Bottlebooks community and will use it with all their producers. Bibendum is one of the leading UK wine importers, supplying 4000 restaurants, pubs, and hotels.

Andrew Shaw, Buying Director for Bibendum, PLB and Walker & Wodehouse: “We’re looking forward to developing our partnership with Bottlebooks to contribute to an industry standard for wine data exchange. Bottlebooks will drive data quality across all our teams, ultimately helping our customers be even more successful selling our products.”


Selling wine in the UK just got easier
Bibendum, PLB, and Walker & Wodehouse join the growing group of UK wine businesses providing their producers a standard way to provide product information to the UK market.

For producers, whether you are exhibiting at the London Wine Fair, have another importer, or simply want to share your information in a professional format, you can do that with Bottlebooks. When you register your wines on Bottlebooks, you make it easy for your partners to download technical sheets, images, and extended product information in a standard format.

The growing number of businesses connected via Bottlebooks means fewer tedious forms to complete for your UK partners.