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Declaring Negligible Amounts

Bottlebooks E-labels for EU wine labeling regulation

The nutrition table for wine labeling

New features in the nutritional table

There is some more clarification from the EU regarding negligible amounts in the nutritional tables. You have three options to declare negligible amounts in the nutritional table. You can now choose from all three in Bottlebooks. Most wines will have negligible amounts of fat, saturates, protein, and salt. According to the EU legislation, the amount for each is the following: Fat and saturates: <0.5g Protein: <0.5g Salt: <0.01g

Bottlebooks has released this feature in the E-labels solution.

Our E-labels solution provides you, three ways of showing those amounts in your nutritional table.

1. Declare negligible amounts as 0

To enter 0 for these amounts, under each nutritional type, click on Exact Value and enter 0

2. Declare negligible amounts as “<” amount

To use a “<“ amount, under each nutritional type, click on negligible amount.

3. Declare negligible amounts as text

To use a text declaration, first click on negligible amount, under each nutritional type. Then at the bottom of the nutritional section, click on the checkbox to show a simplified table for a negligible amount.

For more information about negligible values read this EU Guidance document for the control on compliance on Regulation (EU) No 1169/2011

To try 3 Bottlebooks E-labels for free:

You can read more about E-labels and EU wine labeling legislation in our E-label Master Guide:

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