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Graft Digital Portfolio Tasting

An innovative way to reach customers during COVID-19

Each year in September UK importers across the country signal the start of holiday preparations by holding their annual portfolio tastings. COVID-19 has prevented this annual ritual this year, but some importers have developed innovative approaches to present their wines.

Graft Wine Co. was forced to cancel both of their annual portfolio tastings. “This is normally one of the highlights of our year. But this year it’s just not possible,” said Nik Darlington, Managing Director.

Wine details, tasting videos, and sample requests

In order to reach customers this year, Graft published a “digital portfolio” with their current wines using Bottlebooks Sites. The digital portfolio contains detailed information about each wine including tasting notes, analytics, and images. Graft customers can also watch 90-second tasting videos created by Darlington.

Graft customers can also request samples, and do it directly from the digital portfolio. This saves both Graft and customers lots of time exchanging emails and calls about which wines they are interested in.

“We’re excited by the customer response. In-person tastings remain an important part of our business, but online options such as our digital portfolio will make it easier for our customers to work with us, even after COVID-19 has passed,” concludes Darlingon.

You can request access to Graft’s digital portfolio by registering on their website.

Want to create your own digital portfolio?

Bottlebooks Sites allow businesses to easily publish rich and interactive online directories of their wines. See an example digital portfolio.

Sites can also be used as a year-round trade directory and can be configured for free samples, direct sales, or information only.

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