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New updates on the EU wine labeling regulation

Wine brands are searching for new labeling solutions to comply with the EU regulation.

Our COO, David Lees, explained some of the new updates and specifications during one of our webinars.

Some clarity on the deadline

The new regulations address all wines produced on and after December 8th, 2023. These products need to be labeled with ingredients and nutritional information, you can do so, using a QR code on your back label. That means, that all wines with 2024 vintage and beyond need to comply with this new legislation. Regarding 2023 vintages there are some specifications, the wine must is considered “produced” when it reaches the properties required for the product in accordance with the EU market regulations. This includes alcohol, acidity, and in the case of sparkling wines, also the pressure. In case, a sparkling wine needs to go through a second fermentation, this fermentation must be completed to be considered produced. Printing your back label It’s required to print a back label and your QR code should be visible. Our QR code printing guide will help you print using the correct sizing.

QR code printing size guidelines for E-labels to comply with the EU regulation on wine labeling

There are some points to take into consideration when printing your E-label, such as correct sizing and using a margin. Having high contrast, also makes it easier to scan. In the end, we always advise you to test, test, and test your QR code on your final product to ensure that it’s visible and people will be able to scan without any problems.

Be sure to also add the energy value of your product on the back label along with the QR code. You can use the following statement: 100ml: E=XXXkJ/XXXkcal How does it work with your online shop Your online shop also needs ingredient and nutritional information before people click to add the product to the shopping basket or to buy it.

You will not need it for advertising material.

With Bottlebooks E-label you can copy your ingredients and your nutritional information, directly to your product page or to your distributor's page with one simple click:

Quick way to copy your ingredients and nutritional information into your own online shop or website.

Why use Bottlebooks E-labels? Producers are choosing Bottlebooks because we are the global market leader for wine and spirits data management.

You get expert guidance not only regarding the new EU legislation but also about data management in the drink business. Reach out to our support team able to get assistance in multiple languages.

Test our E-label solution here: Get 3 e-labels for free No credit card needed

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