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Wine Owners integrates with Bottlebooks

“The partnership of Wine Owners and Bottlebooks makes these benefits available to a large number of businesses who can devote their resources to growing their business instead of costly IT projects.”

Jonathan Harclerode, CEO of Bottlebooks.

We are excited to announce today that Bottlebooks has formed a partnership with Wine Owners.

Wine Owners provides software solutions for retailers, merchants, warehouses, importers, and the on-trade, particularly those involved in fine wine. They are a business operating platform that manages business processes, and masters stock that feeds e-commerce and other sales and marketing channels such as Wine-Searcher and Liv-ex.

Nick Martin, CEO of Wine Owners comments “Wine Owners and Bottlebooks share a common vision of a connected wine business with up-to-date producer-originated information that helps inspire consumers, sells wine, accurately represents products, and drives awareness and brand building”.

Read more about the partnership on the Wine Owners Website here or chat with us to get more details.

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