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California stays cool in China

California is back at ProWine Shanghai showcasing its new online events directory. The directory now has a new look-and-feel, easier access to presentations and materials for the event, and winery showcase videos.

What you won’t see is the magic behind the scenes: visitors from mainland China get to enjoy the content in the same quality as visitors from other countries. As far as we know, this is an industry first and opens the doors to other wine businesses reaching their customers in China.

QR codes

QR codes are a way of daily life for digital natives in Asia. But they have reached a new level of acceptance during the pandemic as they become a safe way to read menus and get information. California Wines have made QR codes part of their digital strategy.

Starting with ProWine China, wineries can be found by scanning their QR codes. QR codes will be used around the pavilion and in promotion ahead of the event.

Showcase Videos

Unable to travel and meet, the California Producers filled the directory showcase videos. Even Christopher Beros, the California Wine Institute Asia Director, used video to address visitors directly right from the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.

Fast loading in China

Bottlebooks coordinated research into improving California event directories in China. Websites hosted outside China load very slowly within China. We were able to increase performance from 40 seconds to only 3.5 seconds to load a page -- the same performance outside China. This solution enables seamless integration of collecting data in the US and publishing in China.

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