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Create E-labels today

Get ready for the coming EU regulations on publishing ingredients and nutritional information by creating your own QR codes.

Why producers are choosing


Our form guides you to be compliant with the EU regulation.

Italian Recycling

Comply with the Italian Recycling requirement for no added cost.

No risk

Redirect your QR code to your site or other service at any time.

Key Features 
After extensive interviews and in-depth design, we built the features producers wanted. 


Meets legal requirement for EU QR code labelling

Bottlebooks Portfolio

Use product info already entered in Bottlebooks


A modern and professional design 


Translated to all European languages

Honest Pricing

Clear and understandable pricing


We are here to support you in 7 languages


Sustainable, vegan, organic logos and links

No Risk

QR code can be rerouted for free to another solution


Publish packaging and recycling information

"the provision of better information to consumers by improving the labelling of alcohol beverages to include moderate and responsible drinking information and introducing the mandatory indication of the list of ingredients and nutritional information, and in addition, by introducing digital labelling"
New Amendments to the EU regulation

Get an Inside Look
If you would like to know more about features and pricing, book a time to chat with us. 


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Learn about the Bottlebooks E-label solution

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Simple Pricing
Your first three E-labels are free.
Packages are based on how many new E-labels you create per year.
New E-labels per year
Annual Price

E-labels are only counted if they are created in that year. Existing E-labels can be maintained by paying for the minimum paid subscription. Prices are per year and exclude VAT.

*The Bottlebooks E-labels you create must be for the sole purpose of representing either the subscribing company or any brands or companies that are owned by said subscribing company.

Single wine BW.png

€250/year for a

Boutique Winery

You produce 14 new vintages per year and need one E-label per wine. 

Triple BW.png

€400/year for a

Multi-market winery

You producer 12 wines per year, but have multiple labels for different markets and even some private labels.  You need a separate E-label for of those variations.

5 wine BW.png

€2,500/year for a Multinational Producer

You are a complex business managing multiple SKUs around the world. 

E-label Pricing


When will the European legislation come into effect?
The legislation is planned to come into effect for products produced and labeled before the 8th of December 2023.  Most producers will have decided on a system by the summer of 2023 in order to be prepared.

How do Bottlebooks E-labels work?
The consumer will pick up your bottle, scan the Bottlebooks E-Label QR code and be taken to the E-label for this specific product.

How are E-labels automatically translated?
First you choose the countries you wish the E-label to work in, this could be all EU languages. Any information that is chosen from a list, dropdown or selector is automatically translated. Any custom text you enter, needs to be translated by you within Bottlebooks. When consumers scan the code, they will be taken to the correct product in their language.

May I just print labels?
Yes you may. Long term, you might want a solution that does not crowd out or distract from the marketing on your labels.

What if I just put the information on my website?
There are many issues to be aware of if you publish your information on your website. You will need to translate the site into the languages of any country you might sell in. Be careful that if you change the way you publish your website, you could easily lose all your E-labels. You will also need to remove any extensive tracking of users such as cookies used for google analytics. Finally, you need to ensure you are not marketing or selling your wines or you could face fines, so the page needs to be independent of any online store you might have. If you choose to publish on your own website, you are able to use Bottlebooks to create your QR codes for free. 

How are you different from U-label?
U-label is a great solution for E-labels. However, Bottlebooks brings a number of advantages for existing and new users. Bottlebooks aims to make the process as quick and easy as possible. If you have previously entered data for a customer or event you can use this data to create an E-label.  Soon Excel Import will be available for no additional fee. 
Mostly, however, Bottlebooks is a no risk solution: you can create 3 labels for free.  If you add a Bottlebooks QR code to your bottle, you can always redirect it to another E-label, be that U-label or an E-label from your own website. 

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