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Get ready for the coming EU regulations on publishing ingredients and nutritional information with a QR code. 

Key Features 
After extensive interviews and in-depth design, producers large and small want these features. 


Meets legal requirement for EU QR code labelling


Translated to all European languages

Right to Change

QR code can be rerouted for free to another solution

Bottlebooks Portfolio

Use product info already entered in Bottlebooks


Sustainable, vegan, organic logos and links


A modern and professional design 

Excel Import

Import an Excel sheet from your system

Simple Pricing

Clear and understandable pricing


We are here to support you in 7 languages

"the provision of better information to consumers by improving the labelling of alcohol beverages to include moderate and responsible drinking information and introducing the mandatory indication of the list of ingredients and nutritional information, and in addition, by introducing digital labelling"
New Amendments to the EU regulation

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