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Bottlebooks is the global product information management system (PIM) that is bespoke for the wine and drinks industry.

Simplify how you connect with your producers and collaborate with them to collect the information you need. 
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Easily collect product information

Bottlebooks is the leading Data Supplier Management system for wine and spirits. 

Capture 100s of data points from basic information to analytics and imagery in a standard format. 

Streamline the collection and enrichment of supplier-entered information, ensuring efficiency and accuracy across the entire supply chain.


See how it works

One place for all your product information

Our leading wine Product Information Manager centralises all your information in a single-source-of-truth.

Quickly find the bottle, brand, and other images you have uploaded. Download the up-to-date Info Sheets in PDF with a click.

Create digital share lists to send product lists to a potential buyer or partner.


„It’s brilliant,… You’ve got the info on successive vintages, much more than we got...GAME CHANGER!“

Andrew Evans


Key Features 

Built for the wine and spirits industry


Single Platform

Store all of your product information in once place with ease of access for all departments.


Global Network

15 000 top producers around the world already use Bottlebooks.


Industry Standard

Bottlebooks was built by the industry for the industry to create a standard data model.


Increase efficiency

Up to 80% more efficient than email and spreadsheets


User Rights

Grant access to all of your team members and control who can edit information with Read-only access.



The customer success team supports you and our partners .


Use one of our XLSX templates to download a custom Excel instantly.


Do more with in Bottlebooks with your great product data

We work with you through the entire process

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Knowledge Base

Our database of guides tools and tips will answer your questions.

Search the knowledge base >>>

Your Success Team

Your dedicated project manager is ready to train and guide you along the way.

Book a call with the team >>>


Questions big and small, we are here to ensure your project is a success.


Email us >>>

Deliver on ROI 

The only platform that is built to automatically collect high-quality, producer-entered data directly from from your partners.


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80% more efficient

Bottlebooks replaces the 'email and spreadsheet' process to manage communication and information allowing teams to spend less time worrying about data and focus on sales.


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Get Better Information

Bottlebooks allows you to choose the information you need and for your suppliers to enter information on the platform for you to access immediately.


Boost Sales


Bottlebooks helps you deliver the information consumers and the trade a demanding, giving you a sales advantage in the market.

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