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Get your product data in the hands of partners, clients and
databases all over the world.


Centralize all your product data in our Portfolio making it easy to access by your entire team

Export & Share

Quickly export data in PDF/XLSX, image assets ZIPs and user-friendly online lists.

Publish Online

Promote your business in our Trade Directory, as well as in other partner’s websites.


Gather data from hundreds of partners in a standard and easy to export way

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Different solutions for different segments

Store in a central portfolio

Centralize all your product data in a single-source-of-truth, making it easy to collaborate with team members. Keep your products up-to-date and restrict read-only access to some team members. All of this accessible from anywhere, at any time.


Export & Share digitally

• Want to send product data to a potential buyer? Add your products to a list and let them browse what they need.
• Need the latest version of your info-sheets? Download the PDFs in seconds.
• Want a custom spreadsheet of all your products? Use one of our XLSX templates or pick your fields easily.
• Need all your product labels in a ZIP file? You got it!

Events organisers

Publish and promote online

Promote your products and business in our Trade Directory while reusing the data you already have with us! Would your association or retail company like to setup your own producer directory? We can help you that too.

Events organisers

Collect from your suppliers

Forget about spreadsheets and emails. Think speed, transparency, and standardization. With Bottlebooks you can collect data to: update your existing system, create a print catalog, or start a website with up to 99% data completion and increased quality.

Events organisers

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  • Small

  • €199/year
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  • Lots to get started with, including
  • Store and manage up to 100 products
  • Answer data collections
  • Create and share public product lists
  • Export product Info Sheets (PDF) and Data Files (Excel)
  • Medium

  • €499/year
  • Start trial
  • Everything in Small, plus:
  • Store and manage up to 500 products
  • Support for read-only users
  • Info sheet templates library
  • Product data lifecyle management
  • Custom

  • Get in touch
  • Start trial
  • Everything in Medium, plus
  • Store and manage up to unlimited products
  • Multi-brand management
  • Custom info sheet templates
  • Custom Excel export templates
  • Custom integrations such as GS1, Shopify or other APIs

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