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Bottlebooks' Supplier Data Manager

Retailers and distributors often face the challenge of gathering extensive data and assets from various suppliers, each with its own way of organizing and communicating information. To address this, Bottlebooks built the leading wines and spirits Supplier Data Manager — a straightforward and scalable solution that simplifies the collection, management, and enhancement of supplier-provided data and assets, ensuring efficiency and accuracy throughout the supply chain.

Data Manager - how Bottlebooks connects with Portfolio, events, producers, importers etc

Challenges with supplier data in wine and spirits

  • Stored differently: Data is organised differently for everyone in Excel, ERPs, Sheets and more.

  • Various sizes: Producers can be mom and pop companies.

  • Overwhelming requests: Suppliers can get over 50 Excels to complete every year with the same information.

  • Not at a desk: The last thing winemakers and distillers is be on the computer.

Impacts on the industry players

  • Wasted resources: It is estimated that 5% resources can be wasted on filling out information.

  • Delays: Lack of information can delay product launches and updates resulting in missed revenue opportunities.

  • Mess of Data: Unstructured data leads to manual efforts and poor customer experiences.

  • Inefficient Communication: Poor communication hampers the supplier experience.

Workarounds without the Bottlebooks Supplier Data Manager

  • Manual Effort: Teams manually input data from spreadsheets, leading to lack of visibility.

  • Home-Grown Solutions: Custom solutions are more expensive and costly to maintain over time.

The Solution: Bottlebooks Supplier Data Manager

An easy-to-use portal within Bottlebooks PIM for collecting, managing, and enriching supplier-provided data and assets. Available as an add-on module, it streamlines onboarding and enhances communication.

How it looks in Bottlebooks - Get your product collection and get all information you need in one place

Key Capabilities

  • Manage Suppliers at Scale: Easily add suppliers manually or through bulk import.

  • Suppliers already use Bottlebooks: Top producers are already sharing information with events, associations, and other retailers with Bottlebooks.

  • Collect Latest Producer-Entered Product Data: Suppliers upload data using a simple interface.

  • Enrich Products with Assets: Share media files to enhance product information effortlessly.

  • Request Specific Product: Upload your product list and reference codes to match your own system. 

  • Drive collections: Send reminders directly from Bottlebooks. 

  • One Month: Collect more than 95% of our requested data in 4-5 weeks.

The Benefits

  • Improved Collaboration: Centralized supplier interactions lead to stronger relationships.

  • Accurate Product Content: Efficiently collect up-to-date content and request specific information.

  • Structured Data: The information is store centrally, already structured to be used in websites, ERPs and other systems.

  • Faster Time-to-Market: Expedite product launches and updates with readily available data in Bottlebooks PIM.

Want to See It in Action?

Experience Bottlebooks Supplier Data Manager in action and witness the benefits firsthand.

Book a demo with the Bottlebooks Success Team >>>

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