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South Africa's Wine Gateway

“The most extensive and in-depth resource” for South African wine has been launched: Wine Gateway.

One Directory for South Africa

As Covid restrictions hit the global wine industry, South Africa has moved to a long-term investment in online platforms. They created the Gateway - one place for international trade to research, interact, and develop business with South African wine producers.

“The Wines of South Africa Gateway will provide importers and producers with the opportunity to engage directly with one another, without having to visit numerous websites. The gateway allows buyers to get a snapshot of the most pertinent information from each producer, giving them the tools to make informed decisions, and ultimately saving them time and effort. Furthermore, the gateway will benefit our producers when looking for new opportunities in export markets.”
Siobhan Thompson, chief executive, Wines of South Africa

2000+ Wines

Importers and media can easily search through hundreds of South African wine producers and over 2000 wines.

This is a key marketing tool for producers, who can upload videos, images, and other content. The gateway will be used as the basis for future wine tasting events, shows, and the South African wine industry’s showcase event, CapeWine, which will next run from October 5 to 7 2022. In essence, the Wines of South Africa Gateway is a single tool for South African producers to interact with the trade globally.

You can find the Wine Gateway here:

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