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Three months of digital tastings: Wines from Spain 2021

From April to June, Wines from Spain will have a series of digital events and Masterclasses with a focus on new Spanish releases.

Powered by Bottlebooks

Celine Bouteiller engaged Bottlebooks to assemble leading technology in an effort to create amazing digital experiences for their visitors. Here is a peek into the technology they are using.

Automated Data Collection

Spain collected 400 wines from 41 Spanish wine importers and exporters in just a few weeks. Automated emails were sent out to each importer, exporter, or producer asking for rich profile and product information.

Online Directory

All this information was all published automatically to a rich directory with multiple search options, enabling visitors to find the information they need.

Meeting Booking

Visitors may explore the wine list, view exhibitor portfolios and get in touch with Spanish wine importers and exporters directly.

Sample Ordering

Trade buyers and the press will be able to request samples from a list of highlights put forward by importers and exporters, enabling them to taste through the wines in their own time.

Tasting Notes

Spain is using our technology partner Noteable to enable visitors to provide autonomous feedback to the exhibitors.

Members of the UK trade and press wishing to receive updates about the Wines from Spain Annual Tasting programme can register here.

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