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US Distributors vs Provi, Fraud Solution, Glass be gone, DTC Merger

Episode 28

In this Podcast, we will hear our Insiders talk about US Distributors vs Provi and DTC Merger. We will also hear some thoughts about possible fraud solutions. And what about glass? Will it be gone in the near future when we think about packaging?

Let’s find out our Insiders opinion on these hot topics!

Death of the glass Bottle Antitrust Suit from Provi Leaves Big Distributors Sweating Commerce7 adds VineSpring Answer to Wine Fraud?

Find the Podcast here:

About the Podcast

Jonathan, Bottlebooks CEO, is one of four Insiders, top tech leaders in the wine industry, who give their insights on the hottest topics today. He is joined by Laurie from Outshinery, Nick from Wine Owners, and Seb from Troly.

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