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Australia out of China, flat bottles, Bordeaux fraud, pairing apps + wine searches up

Episode 32

In this episode, our Tech Insiders will talk about a new creative bottle shape, the flat bottles. We will also hear about pairing apps dedicated to our wine and food lovers. Wine searches in Google, which are the most searched topics. Is Australia out of China? What does this mean in the world of wine? Let's also talk about the Bordeaux wine fraud situation, what happened? Let's hear our #WineTechInsiders thoughts on these hot topics: Australia’s leading wine authority to close office in China as exports plunge Flat pack plastic bottles Bordeaux château fraud Should we give up on pairing apps? Wine searches serge in Google

Find the Podcast here:

About the Podcast

Jonathan, Bottlebooks CEO, is one of four Insiders, top tech leaders in the wine industry, who give their insights on the hottest topics today. He is joined by Laurie from Outshinery, Nick from Wine Owners, and Seb from Troly.

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