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Bottlebooks Intelligent Import

Intelligent Import

Now you can import your product information from an Excel into Bottlebooks.

Bottlebooks import tool. Import easily your product data into E-labels

Use your template

This import uses your Excel, whether it be an export from your PIM (Product Information System), ERP (Enterprise resource planning), or even your own homemade as the base template. There is no need to transfer the information to another template.

Remembers your mapping

During your first import process, you will need to match the columns and data to Bottlebooks. This will provide Bottlebooks with a mapping that will be remembered and then recalled for your next import.

How works the import tool? Identify your products an upload them to get your E-labels

Data Flow

Import brings your information into your portfolio, where it can then be used in E-labels, Retail Requests, and Events.

Bottlebooks Data flow - import brings information to portfolio and can be used in events, retails and E-labels

Send us your Excel

We are uploading the first Excel together with our customers. To get started, send us the Excel you wish to upload to

We will review your Excel and then walk you through the process together and answer any questions you may have. After that, we will be able to upload your next Excel on your own.

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