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E-labels for Aromatised wines

Bottlebooks E-labels for EU wine labeling regulation

Aromatised wines and the EU wine labeling regulation

What is an aromatised wine?

Aromatised wines are alcoholic beverages produced by adding flavourings to certain wine products as well as other ingredients. Within ingredients, you can find grape must and/or alcohol, sugars, and also colours. Within the EU these products are classified as following:

  • aromatised wines (e.g. vermouth)

  • aromatised wine-based drinks (e.g. sangria and Glühwein)

  • aromatised wine-product cocktails

Do aromatised wines need to comply with the EU wine labeling regulation?

It can be beneficial for aromatised wines, which may have some specific labeling requirements to create an E-label and ensure compliance with the new EU regulation.

The main difference with still wine is in the ingredients, flavorings, and aromas that you can declare.

It is now possible to create your E-label for aromatised wines with Bottlebooks

Bottlebooks provides all the guidance you need to be legally compliant. For that, you just need to create your E-label using Bottlebooks and you will have guidance, a step-by-step with necessary information such as mandatory fields, and a list of ingredients where you can easily select the ingredients present in your product.

In this list, we have included all required ingredients specifically for aromatised wines. If you are not able to find an ingredient you can also create your custom ingredient and add it to your E-label.

Here is how you pick your ingredients:

ingredient list for aromatised wines and the new EU wine labeling regulation

Since aromatised wines can have a denomination (even if this is not a mandatory field) Bottlebooks also provides you the option to create your “Custom denomination” field.

Custom denomination field is possible to add in Bottlebooks for your aromatised wines

If you want to learn more about how to create your Aromatized wine E-label in our support article:

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