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Global Warming and Wine

Updated: Dec 14, 2021

Episode 13: Fire & Ice, Global Warming and Wine

On this podcast, the Insiders, dive into wine and how the enviromental changes are affecting how wine is produce.

Global warming and new wine regions (Paywall) British bubbly is getting easier to make; French grapes are threatened (Paywall) Israel’s Negev Desert could help winegrowers survive climate change Frost damage in vineyards linked to climate change – study Massive Change Proposed for Champagne

Find the Podcast here:

About the Podcast

Jonathan, Bottlebooks CEO, is one of four Insiders, top tech leaders in the wine industry, who give their insights on the hottest topics today. He is joined by Laurie from Outshinery, Nick from Wine Owners, and Seb from Troly.

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