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Smarter E-label Forms

New e-label features

January 2024

This release is a major release of our e-labeling software. It implements many requested features as well as legal recommendations based on legislation updates from December 2023. Bottlebooks has also retained legal counsel with expertise in labeling and media law to provide additional assurance.

Customize colour

It's now possible to adjust the colour of the header. This can be done by entering the colour manually. Alternatively, the colour picker can take the colour from anything on your screen such as your bottle so that you can match colours perfectly!

Customized E-label with selected color from our color picker

Smarter forms with integrated advice

Tips and advice have been added so that common questions are answered directly in the forms. Many of these tips include one-click actions to use recommended values and avoid mistakes.

Glycerin smart forms with integrated advise

Revised energy calculator with glycerin estimation

Glycerin/polyols are now considered in the energy calculator for wine. They are estimated based on the percentage of alcohol with recommendations for late-harvest wines and grapes with botrytis. This increases energy values by 1-2% for most wines, and 6-8% for late harvest wines. Previous calculations were within the accepted tolerances of 20%, but new calculations will be more accurate.

Revised energy calculator with glycerin estimation

One-click sorting of ingredients

Any ingredient that composes more than 2% of the product must be sorted by amount. The ingredients wizard now supports automatically sorting ingredients based on typical production processes.

One-click sorting of ingredients for your QR codes

Revised ingredients support for aromatic wines

An additional ingredients list has been added so that the base wine product can be defined separately from the ingredients used to produce the aromatic wine.

Revised ingredients list and support for aromatic wines

Revised rendering of ingredients

The ingredients statement has been revised. Function groups are now rendered with colons instead of parenthesis. Parenthesis is used for compound ingredients such as the base wine ingredient in aromatic wines. The packaging gas statement has also been appended to the end of the ingredients instead of being a stand-alone comment.

Rendering of ingredients based on EU regulation

Website imprint

An additional field for imprint has been added to ensure all companies – including New World producers – avoid potential legal challenges. EU businesses must follow strict formats regulated by each country. In many cases, this can be copied/pasted from the company website. We provide recommendations for non-EU businesses that may not be familiar with EU regulations.

Imprint for your website. With option to check if it's legal

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