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Sustainability and Wine

Episode 25

In this Podcast, our Insiders will talk about the topic: Sustainability and wine.

What means sustainability overall and what means it for the wine industry? Where to start? How should we communicate it to consumers? Are consumers really aware of it when making decisions on buying a sustainable product?

Let’s hear out, our Insiders thoughts!

Let’s check our Insiders suggestions:

Some of the topics we talk about in this episode:

What is sustainable wine? Wine under threat from Climate change. Model for other industries? Paper Bottles Sustainability is also becoming the latest mark of luxury. Sustainable over organic

Find the Podcast here:

About the Podcast

Jonathan, Bottlebooks CEO, is one of four Insiders, top tech leaders in the wine industry, who give their insights on the hottest topics today. He is joined by Laurie from Outshinery, Nick from Wine Owners, and Seb from Troly.

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