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Pricing & Plans

Bottlebooks has a number of packages depending on your needs. Book a time to chat with us about the one that best fits you.

Online Directories

Add a rich digital website to your event. Publish information about your products, producers, and exhibitors.



$/€/£ per event

Bottlebooks Collect

Collect more product information from your suppliers.  Use the power of the Bottlebooks network.


$/€/£ per year

Bottlebooks Portfolio

Manage your wine data in one place. The Portfolio is used by teams from the leading producers, importers, retailers and more. 

For teams who want to start collaborating the right way

Lots to get started with, including​

  • Store and manage up to 100 product

  • Answer data collections

  • Create and share public product lists

  • Export product Info Sheets (PDF) and Data Files (Excel)

For teams who want to take full power of their portfolio

Everything in Small, plus​

  • Store and manage up to 500 products

  • Support for read-only users

  • Info sheet templates library

  • Product data lifecyle management

For teams who have special customization needs

Everything in Medium, plus​

  • Store and manage up to unlimited products

  • Multi-brand management

  • Custom info sheet templates

  • Custom Excel export templates

  • Custom integrations such as GS1, Shopify or other APIs

Bottlebooks Pro

Answer data requests from retailers. Required by leading retailers.

per year
per brand



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